Who are we?

Well… we are people, just like you!

But Seriously…

We also go by IndianProduct and, in this case, HonorCord.com. We are a small family-owned business with humble origins; we started in a garage, moved to a tiny office, and now to our current location and warehouse in Crown Point, IN. At first, we were only making graduation cords and tassels, now we have a full line of graduation regalia: Caps and Gowns, Graduation Tassels, Honor Cords, Stoles, Doctoral gowns. It's taken a few years and definitely a few stumbles, but we've learned, grown, and improved.
We are a small bunch, but we work hard to give you the best quality products, the best prices, great Customer Service, and (most important of all) Integrity

Our Story:

IndianProduct (DBA HonorCord.com) was started in 1999 to get the entire family involved with business. The company's owner wanted to create a business that focused on integrity, high quality products, personal customer service, and a great price. At that time, we focused primarily on manufacturing fabric accessories and some home décor items. Much of the business came in terms of making custom tassels and fringe; after several order for graduation tassels and honor cords our owner saw a need for high quality graduation items at affordable prices. So in 2004 we launched Honorcord.com as the best way of showcasing all that we could do for the graduation market.
In the years since, we've found our little niche in making graduation tassels, cords, and stoles. While a lot of our work focuses around the staple colors we have in stock, we do a fair few smaller batch (read: 200pc or more) custom orders.
Our small size as well as having our own manufacturing allows us to meet the quality, price, and expectations of our customers.

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