Do you accept Purchase Orders?

We accept purchase orders from schools, universities, and other public institutions. * Please complete your order online; you will receive a complete quote, including shipping, by email. To confirm your online order, please fax or email a copy of your purchase order to: 219-661-3088, You will receive a confirmation email upon receipt of your purchase order. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us! *Please note: We do not accept purchase orders from wholesalers or companies.

Can you make custom Honor Cords?

Yes, we do! A minimum order of 200 pieces is required. Please visit our Custom Honor Cord page (link) and select the colors you would like for each strand, you may choose from our 18 stock colors or go completely custom and pick from our Color Chart (insert Link). If you would like custom colors, please write the codes into the special instructions box. We will modify the order to your specifications and email it back to you for your approval. Custom orders require 3-4 weeks for delivery. Please note: Multi-Colored honor cords have three strands, if selecting only 2 colors please enter the colors in the order you would like them.

I need a full Doctoral (PhD) gown package, do you options for those?

Please visit our Doctoral Gown Packages page. There you will pick your Graduation Gown color, Hat style (Mortar Board or Tam), and let us know which colors you require your hood to be. We keep some PhD Hood colors in stock, but most are custom made for you. In this we ask for patience as it can take some time to hand-make your hood; we generally estimate 3-4 weeks for Doctoral Hood delivery.

Do you have full graduation gown packages?

We do indeed offer full graduation gown packages, consisting of Graduation Gown, Mortarboard Hat, Graduation Tassel, and Year Charm. If you are looking to order sets of graduation packages please give us a call at 219-663-3044 and we'll be happy to put your graduation package together!

How do I prepare my gown for Graduation?

We recommend hanging your gown on a supportive hanger for 3-4 days before graduation. This allows any wrinkles to sort themselves out.

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